Faith-boosters and Fear-bursters

Faith is the expression of our capacity to capture possibilities amid adversities. It provides a platform for us to deploy our spiritual stamina against the forces of fear, failure and frustration.

The reason why we need faith is that we can’t figure out everything, we can’t fight every war and we can’t fix every difficulty all by ourselves.
Life is a potpourri of uncertainties and possibilities, but faith should be our autoresponse to crises, it guarantees ultimate victory.
Faith positions you to know the mind of God and what He expects you to do in the storm.

God can do everything but He will not do everything. He will make a way but it’s up to you to walk in it. God created the apple tree, it’s up to us to process the fruit to produce apple juice. Faith is not waiting on God to do what He has empowered us to do.

Here are a few faith-boosting nuggets to spice up your soul for victory.

Life will sometimes knock you down, it’s up to you to pick yourself up with prayers and keep pursuing your dreams.

A week has seven days,
Live your best life daily.
A will has several ways,
Try new things consistently.

Stop fueling your fears with wrong assumptions,
Fuel your faith with godly information.

A life without faith is hopeless.
A heart without hope is helpless.
A family without love is homeless.

The flame of faith can melt mountains.
The force of hope can move mountains.
The fragrance of love can mash mountains.

Faith makes the impossible possible.
Hope makes the unbearable bearable.
Love makes the unreachable reachable.

Happiness is free but you have to pay attention to the blessings within and the beauty around you no matter the confusion confronting you.

Unmask your fears
to unlock possibilities.
Unleash your faith
to uncover certainties.

You may have been through
hell and high water
but God’s plans for you are
bigger and better.
Don’t let your present pains
make you bitter
because your glorious future
will shine brighter…

God will make a way where there seems to be no way, but are you willing to walk in His ways?
© Adeleke Adeite 2020

I trust this piece has blessed you richly, kindly share with your friends and family.

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