October Whispers

Wow! It’s the 10th month of the year already, it also doubles as the 60th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria, my dear nation.

As much as there are a lot of things to appreciate God for, there are a lot more to pray and plan for, both individually and collectively. We all need to play our part in building the nation of our dreams. God has a plan, government formulate policies, good citizens must partner with God and the government for a nation to be great.

That said, it’s a new month and a new season. I feel that it’s a good time to share and care. However, whenever my hands cannot reach the people I care about, I always lift them up in prayers. Here is my prayer for you:

This new month,
You and your family will
enjoy divine peace, progress and prosperity.
You will not be a victim of crises and calamity
You will enjoy God’s grace, glory and goodness
You will walk in great wealth and wellness.
You enjoy divine direction, protection and perfection
You will be delivered from death and destruction in the name of Jesus
This is your month of open heavens and restoration.

Stay blessed!
© Adeleke Adeite

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