Before I Die

What a year to be alive! The whole world was caught unguarded – pain, panic, pandemic, profit, promises and prospects plunged into our planet in shades of grey.

2020 could be simply tagged ‘A Million Shades of Choices and Challenges’. For some, it’s their best year ever while for others, it’s a rollercoaster year.

Everyone in this class of 2020 has a tale or two to tell. Death and life have been in a fierce conflict. In case you have been through a lot of tough stuff this year and you feel like all is gone, I have found myself in the valley of the shadow of death too many times this year but here is what I told myself…

Before I die,
I will lend a hand, I will give.
I will mend bridges, I will forgive.
I will bask in bliss, I will live.

Before I die,
I will flaunt my faith, I will believe,
I will deploy my dreams, I will conceive.
I will storm the stage, I will achieve…

Before I die,
I will love out loud, I will connect.
I will rewrite stories, I will correct.
I will make a difference, I will affect…

Before I die,
I will storm the sky, I will ascend.
I will learn from losses, I will amend.
I will fight with faith, I will contend.

Before I die,
I will dare again, I will insist…
I will gaze again, I will untwist…
I will dream again, I will persist.

Death is not the end of life, it’s a transition to the afterlife. So don’t wish to die to escape the harsh realities of this realm, until you have lived worthy of a better and sweeter afterlife. Suffice to say that don’t just live to be remembered, live to be a reminder that life is beautiful.

Let who you are and what you do be a reflection of the kind of life you want to live after death. Again, death is not the end of life. Live now, live to the fullest, live your best life.

© Adeleke Adeite 2020

Kindly share this piece with your friends and family, I trust it has blessed you.

4 thoughts on “Before I Die”

  1. You are a light Adeleke,and your light will never quenched nor stop shining..your have impact many lives positively through your words of encouragement…I am so happy to be part of your Journey Adeleke.. heaven bless the day I met you..keep your little light Shining…❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Temitope, You know that you are a big blessing to me, sis. Your limitless love over the years keeps me going. Thank you for giving me listening ears and your willing heart. God bless you too sis. Say me well to your hubby and your children.


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