Winning Without Worries

When life seems too hard and unfair;
don’t break down in grave despair.
When debts are high and funds are low,
don’t let the flood of fears begin to flow.

Solution comes in God’s ordained time,
don’t engage in any common crime.
Hope and help spring from above,
look unto God always, and live in love.

When you face the shadows of death,
ask God for stillness and strength.
When stormy blasts betide your soul,
do not give up on your golden goal.

Look up to God and never quit,
pray earnestly, try one more hit.
No stormy blast can steal your soul,
Unlock your faith when billows roll.

Sing, smile and soar without worries,
Relax, rise and rewrite bad stories.
You are a winner, don’t quit at all,
You will rise again after every fall…

© Adeleke Adeite 2020

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