Newsmakers and Noisemakers

There are two kinds of influencers in our world; the noisemakers and the newsmakers.

According to the World Health Organisation, in 2018, there were an estimated 405 000 deaths from malaria globally, compared with 416 000 estimated deaths in 2017, and 585 000 in 2010. On the other hand, according to reports on Wikipedia, it is estimated that over 250 people are killed by lions every year.

Mosquitoes have killed more humans than what lions can boast of, yet the sound of mosquitoes is nothing compared to the roar of lions. Impact has never been about the size, sight and sound of a thing but it’s capacity to have an evident effect.

The lion is regarded as the king of the jungle, mosquitoes don’t even have a place in the jungle, yet, statistics show that mosquitoes have more impact on our world than lions. Influence has nothing to do with titles and labels.

The roar of a lion shakes the earth but the bite of a mosquito causes death (if not attended to). The difference is found in the capacity to have put more emphasis on influence than tags and titles . The sun does not shout to shine, salt is not seen in meals but its effect is prominent.

Who is a newsmaker and who is the noisemaker?

Newsmakers are those who make the world a better place with their beauty, brains and brawn, but noisemakers are those who make the world a bitter place with their attitude, abilities and actions.

Life is beautiful because some angels decided to dwell on earth and make this world an extension of paradise, I guess you are one of them. These angels are newsmakers. They beautify everything and everyone around them.

Life can also be awful just because some terrorists refuse to stay in hell, they decided to become tourists in this realm. These folks are noisemakers, they wreck everything and everyone they come in contact with. Noisemakers shout, newsmakers shine.

Every human has an innate capacity to be powerful and impactful irrespective of their size, strengths and setbacks. However, positive impact requires a certain amount of distinct ingredients.

What are the Ingredients of Influence?

  • Intentionality: this is the power of minds to represent, or to stand for something significant. What do you stand for? Everyone is born with unique skills and talents but not everyone maximizes their potentials. Intentionality positions you to find your purpose and helps you attract the right people. Find your voice and reach your audience with a clear purpose.Ingenuity: Originality is the spice of true impact. Imitation is not just limitation but suicide, a person who refuses to be distinct will always live as a ghost in the market place. Carve a niche for yourself. Build a brand.Integrity: Don’t fake it till you make it. A lie is lame, it needs more lies to stand for a while, only to fall and fail eventually. To have indelible influence, be honest to a fault. Do you thing without pretence or falsehood.Information: you cannot give what you don’t have. Talent has never been enough. The more you know, the more you grow. Invest in getting the right information about your scope and sphere of influence. When you develop yourself, you deliver better.Inspiration: When you have a powerful ‘love language’, even your mess will become a message. See the positive side of everything and help others to see beauty even in ashes. Be a problem solver. See the best in others and help them achieve it. Add value to life with your voice and your vision.

I challenge you today to be a newsmaker and not a noisemaker. You are here to happen, you are made to manifest.

© 2020 Adeleke Adeite
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