Worship and Warship

Worship is a weapon that guarantees undeniable victory, especially when it is genuine. Every worshiper is a winner.

Life is a battle, the more we live, the more we fight against fear, discomfort, death, sicknesses, depression, injustice, poverty and every other nature of negativity. The battles of life always produce two sets of fighters: those who worship and those who worry.

Worship is not about singing soulful songs to a deity, it is the art of submitting totally to a divine being or supernatural power. Worship is a way of life, it’s a weapon of liberation, while worry is a weapon of mass distraction.

Who you worship or what you submit yourself to will ultimately determine the kind of victory you will enjoy: short-lived or permanent victory.

Sacrifice is at the core of worship. You have to leave some things in order to lift what matters to you. I think that those who want to serve two masters end up becoming bad losers. Worship is not a more than a therapy, it’s the essence of spirituality.

You are at liberty to worship whoever or whatever works for you. For me, my mind is made up to worship the Almighty God, and my relationship with Him transcends religious rites and rituals. I encounter His goodness always, I enjoy His daily mercies, and I can testify that His love for me is limitless, reckless and timeless.

Worship lifts Everlasting doors and makes the King of kings rise from His throne. Even in the stormy seas of life, the seeds of our worship and faith bring calmness.

Our messes pass a message to God when we worship, and He clears them.
Chains are broken, iniquities are forgiven, burdens are lifted, sieges are frustrated and infirmities are healed when we worship.

In our insecurities, worship brings perfection.
In our weakness, it brings strength.
In our restlessness, it brings peace.
In our confusion, it brings order.
In distress, it gives hope.

It’s amazing that the glorious God craves our worship.
What an honour! Worship is our passport to God’s presence and our visa to victory.
When the banner of the praise is lifted in truth and spirit, the King Himself stands!

My call and cry to you today is, choose to worship the Almighty God, surrender your soul to Him! He has won all wars already, your worship gives you access to His warships.

Every other thing will fail and fade away but God remains faithful and lives forever. Worship His Majesty
© 2020 Adeleke Adeite and Timilehin Adeyanju

She is also a budding songwriter, singer and most especially a lover of God.

Timilehin is a vibrant teenager, tech enthusiast and student leader who is passionate about creating inspiring contents.

You can reach her via

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