Watering Words

Words are an integral part of our existence. They remain one of our major interaction tools, whether written, spoken, or otherwise; and are used to express a vast amount of emotions, opinions, and instructions. The words we speak are not only a reflection of our lives, they determine the direction of our lives.

In the book of wisdom, Proverbs, King Solomon makes emphasis on the influence of words. Words are powerful and impactful currencies in the market square of life. Some turn away anger while some turn on affection. Some give encouragement while others cause despair. Some promote peace, while others invoke discord. I’m sure you get the gist.

Words are like seeds, every seed has its right season and the right soil. Timely words are powerful tools to propel peace and progress, but untimely words can be a source of struggle and stress. Words runs the world, they can ruin or repair lives.

Saying ‘Yes’, at its basic form, is an affirmative response; but sometimes it can be an impatient response, an irate response, an unconcerned response or a welcoming response.

The Bible in Matthew 12:34 (NLT) reads, “…For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”

The verse above points us to the timeless truth, that our words (and how we speak them) are hugely influenced by the contents and condition of our minds.

A person whose heart is steeped in bitterness will speak from the abundance of negativity within. A person whose heart is full of joy will speak from the abundance within.

Let your heart be a huge well
Gushing out beautiful utterances
Bestowing peace and progress
Not drowning them.

Bridle your tongue
Pay attention to its proceeds
If you let it gallop away
It will only leave havoc in its wake.

Let your words be water
Relieving thirst in parched people
Contributing to their growth
Not annihilating them.

Allow your words to be light
Brightening the lives of others
Illuminating their dreams and talents
Not snuffing them.

Wise words are like fertilisers,
use them to boost blessings.
Timely words are like sanitizers,
apply them to fight viruses.

Kind words are tranquillizers,
use them to reduce pains.
Perfect words are like stabilizers
install them to fight fears.

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© 2020 Deborah Olajitan & Adeleke Adeite

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