I Fell For a Phoenix

It was love at first sight, I knew there was something phenomenal about this rare writer who wields the pen of a fighter – call it a sword. In my quest to unearth the depth of her deftness, I kept wading into wild and warm words, the hallmarks of her art. Her writings are mostly a blend of rage and courage.

No syllable is void of vigour, every line is either a lifeline or a deadline. she makes her readers look too fit to quit. As expected, I found myself flowing in love with this luminous lady. Who no like better thing? She’s a gem too genuine to be jettisoned.

Puzzles are quite easy to punch, but this Shally is a marvel no mortal mind can unravel.

I have met quite a few beautiful female writers, this one is not only a limited edition but a female version of what a man can never be. She is in a class of her own.

Friendship was born in the comment section of an online writing platform, we exchanged contacts along the line( winks).
Ready to relish every bit of her beautiful but broken heart, I kept probing. Alas, our first discussion about her growing up experience left me in tears, I couldn’t imagine how she was able to rise from the ashes and unseen bruises caused by childhood abuse, to become a vibrant, versatile and virtuous young lady!

Life has thrown many bricks at her but she used each of them as stepping stones to strength, success and significance.

She is a canvas of grace, a signature of strength, and symbol of boundless beauty. She vividly reminds me of the unique bird in classical mythology that lived for about six centuries in the Arabian desert, after this time burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another life cycle.

For brave girls like Shally, there is no sanctuary, they need no safe place to retreat but a strong place to rise. For blessed girls like Abeke, there is no mortuary, death to them is not the opposite of life but an opportunity to live to the fullest.

She is something else; a tale no tongue can tell, a gemstone no merchant can sell. She is my sister from another mother, but we now have the same Father – the Father of all fathers.

Here is to my amazing sister, friend and ‘love-muse’.

Your courage is colourful,
it makes Rainbows jealous,
it makes nature get desirous,
If I’m a painter, I’ll be covetous.

Your bravery is beautiful,
it makes butterflies captivated
roses of all shades get fascinated,
If I’m a magician, I’ll be enchanted.

Your warmth is wonderful,
It makes the mountains crush
even the rocks and hills blush,
If I’m a mountaineer, I will rush…

Your passion is powerful,
It makes raging storms stare
and forces furnaces to flare,
If I’m a superhero, I’ll give a glare

Dedicated to Olaseni Mary
© 2020 Adeleke Adeite

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