I Tested Positive

I think this will make some friends feel sorry, while some will be encouraged and inspired by my story. However, I am not ashamed to share my health condition, especially in a season like this.

Before the lockdown was imposed in Lagos, Nigeria, I used to drown in depression a lot, I tried my best to stay afloat by volunteering for different communityy development projects, I also tried to spice up my social life with friends, and be vulnerable to those who can help me.

My healing process was going fine, then came Covid-19 with a thick layer of lockdown and isolation. I was boxed into my ‘four walls’, and my greatest fear was not financial loss or fear of the unknown. If there was anything I had to fear, it’s depression.

Fear of the unknown is easy to conquer, but this ‘familiar fear’ seems closer than a friend, you don’t fight it, you face it till it fades away.

Days turned to weeks and weeks into months, I was waiting to get depressed but that ‘familiar stranger’ was nowhere to be found. After a while, malaria crept in, it got so bad that I had to take my first injection for 2020. Bedridden for a whole week, it was as if I was going to die. I started getting better after a while and then I decided to put calls through to my friends – we call it pastoral care calls.

The first person I called was a female member of my small group, and our conversation left me in between devastation and appreciation.

Me: Hey sister Yolanda, it’s been a long time, how are you?

Yolanda: I am not fine, I have COVID-19.

Me: (not sure I heard her clearly) pardon, the line is breaking, I didn’t hear what you said.

Yolanda: I have Covid-19 (she almost shouted back at me).

Me: What! What happened, how?

Yolanda: I came into contact with a carrier of the virus. (Conversation continued)

Not sure what to say, I prayed with her and told her that I was going to ask my friends to pray with her. The testimony is that she has fully recovered after about four weeks of medication and self isolation.

Back to my story. I recovered fully from malaria and then I began to wonder why I couldn’t get depressed all through the lockdown – I should have been happy about my victory over depression, isn’t it?

In my unrest, I decided to go for a test and it turned out positive – a positive kind of positive. Oh my God! What could have made me so positive to the point that I couldn’t get depressed? I realised that I have been busy promoting positivity through my new book, Whispers of Winners, a compilation of positive poetic affirmations inspired by God after I fought the last battle with depression in 2019.

Alas, I tested positive for faith, hope, happiness, victory, grace and joy, and not for Covid-19. Depression must have gone to look for me in my former address, not knowing that I have relocated.

My friend, if for any reason, valid or trivial, you feel depressed or sad this season, I would recommend that you seek proper care and attention, and make it a habit to always make positive declarations over your life, health, career, family and businesses. Your winning start with your words.

Get a copy of Whispers of Winners today, it’s filled with powerful positive affirmations to uplift you in every area of your life.

Declare this over yourself.

Death is defeated, I walk in victory of sickness and diseases.
Depression is unseated, it no longer reigns over my life.
I am positively positive. I sanitize my soul with positive thoughts.
Grave is turning to gardens, I fertilize my vision with faith and actions.
I will not support the devil to suppress my soul. I am stronger than my fears.
It’s my season of victory. It’s my season to shine.

© 2020 Adeleke Adeite

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