Let Love Live

Okay, I am single to stupor, and so? I have no right to write about love. Hmm, what does a boy know about love?

I know a little, I know that love is not a thing we give and get but a being we birth and breed.

Hello loneliness, I have passed the point of thinking that it’s a sickness to be single. I tasted the sweetness of self-love and of a truth, I can tell that love begins within. However, I must confess that whenever I see married couples snuggling each other sweetly, I crave their version of affection. Agreeably, we all have cravings.

A lot of times we crave things that we don’t comprehend, and love is one of such cravings. Love is an entity, love is a being that craves what everyone else wants. Love eats, moves, breathes, reproduces, adapts, grows and, above all, it dies, especially when it is starved.

Let me lecture you about love, shall we?

Love needs nutrition,
don’t let it die of starvation,
constantly feed it with kindness.

Love needs motion,
don’t let it suffer stagnation,
constantly fuel it with forgiveness.

Love needs stimulation,
don’t let it die of deprivation,
constantly feed it with closeness.

Love needs expansion,
don’t let it die in detention,
constantly feed it with openness.

Love needs medication,
don’t let it die of infection,
Constantly treat it with tenderness.

Love needs excretion,
don’t let it die of indigestion,
constantly flush it with mildness.

Love needs respiration,
don’t let it die of suffocation,
constantly fuel it with faithfulness

Love needs adaptation,
don’t let it die of deception
constantly feed it with truthfulness.

Love needs transition,
don’t let it die of restriction,
constantly feed it with genuineness.

Love needs devotion,
don’t let it die of distraction,
constantly feed it with steadfastness.
© Adeleke Adeite 2020

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