Dear Broken Girl

Every woman is a versatile vessel filled with timeless treasures, she is a mobile miracle that happens everywhere. However, she sometimes gets broken and betrayed by the people who are expected to protect, preserve and pamper her. Depressed, deprived and downtrodden, she wonders why she feels buried in darkness to die.

Beyond the rage of rape and all forms of violence against women, beyond broken hearts and bleeding bodies, and beyond the distress of gender discrimination, the earth is a garden for girls to grow and glow. You are not broken to die, you are broken to bloom. To every girl out there, this is my letter to you…

Smile, sing and soar,
Your are made to manifest.
Rise, reign and roar,
Gain courage for conquest.

Glaze, glow and grow,
This garden is yours to fill.
Share, shine and show,
You are a city set on a hill.

Press, preen and play,
The world is your auditorium
Probe, prove and pray,
Danger looms on the podium.

Stand, strike and strive
Till flames of fears fade away.
Think, thrust and thrive,
Your victory is not far away.

Dance, dream and dine,
Strike a string in the spirit.
Watch, win and wine
Live and love beyond limit.
© Adeleke Adeite

Please share with your daughters, sisters, mothers, godmothers, girlfriends and all the women in your life. Also let me know what you think in the comment section. 💕💕💕👍👍

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