I Can’t Breathe

I am tired of trying to be cool
I am tired of crying like a fool
I am not born to be silent
I am not born to be violent
But the fact that I’m dying
Is what I can’t keep denying.

I can’t die for nothing
So I will live for something
I am not a thug, let me be!
I am not a slave, set me free.
If I am treated like a predator
Expect me to act like a dictator…

Let me choose my reaction
If I can’t change your action.
I can’t quench fire with fire,
Can you stop starting the fire?
If my skin colour scares you
Your shadow is ashamed of you.

There is a place for every race,
Give black race some breathing space.
Racism is certainly not patriotism,
Add justice to your jingoism.
All lives matter when justice is served,
No race deserves to be severed.

Justice for George Floyd

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