Hardship to Harvest

I know the road has been rough
and your trials have been tough.
Wipe all tears from your eyes
and look beyond the grey skies.

For every pain you’ve endured,
For every debt you’ve incurred,
Help is on the way for your soul,
Don’t ever give up on your goal.

With all that has gone wrong,
I know it’s hard to stay strong,
You are too blessed to be bitter
You are too great to be a quitter.

Hear the sound of refreshing raindrops,
See your store filled with profitable crops.
Hardship is giving way to great harvest,
Contest is giving way to a season of rest.

Look up, your heavens are open,
Great things are getting ready to happen,
There is a shift in the atmosphere,
Your season of sweetness is here.
© Adeleke Adeite 2020

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