Before You Attempt Suicide

There is success on the other side of failure
I know this because I have been there before.
So, to kill yourself after failing one examination
is to give an abnormal solution to a normal situation.

Instead to sinking in sorrow and stressing,
you should calm down and count your blessings.
Stormy situations come for a reason and a season
Don’t push yourself into a permanent prison.

You may have been disappointed a million times
but don’t ever commit suicide, it’s a cruel crime.
There are over seven billion people on earth,
Try one billion persons before you think of death…

Some situations can be serious and mysterious
but my dear, this life is priceless and precious.
You may feel helpless and hopeless today
but I can assure you that great help on the way.

Last week, I was so broke and emotionally broken,
Everyone I talked to acted as if I haven’t spoken.
One evening I started thinking of suicide as an option
but then I decided to cry and sing about my situation.

While I was singing I decided to talk to God again
to see if there is another cure for my pain,
I got a nudge to open up to one more person
and I got everything I wanted without stressing.

Before you attempt suicide, try to sing or scream
remember your goals and that beautiful dream…
Don’t turn yourself to a slave of seasonal sorrow
Stay strong today to see a brighter tomorrow.

© Adeleke Adeite 2019

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