Not The Same Old Story

You may not know that He loves you
but I know all what He did for you.
He left His angel armies in paradise
To singlehandedly save the unwise…

He was born a king in a mere manger
Yet not dethroned even in danger
He dared to display the miraculous
Even when He faced the ridiculous…

Mere men stepped on His holy toes
His close friends became His foes…
A blessed man cursed on the cross
He lifted our loads of lies and loss…

He was wounded for our misdeeds.
He was starved to supply your needs
The savior of men became a slave
To kill guilt and conquer the grave…

He survived life’s flames and flood
victory was won through His blood.
He broke our shackles and set us free
The dead now live, the blind now see.

He bled and died to take our shame,
Hence, all knees will bow in His name.
And when He said that it is finished,
our endless victory was established.

His sacrifice is not the same old story
He paid the price to give us new glory
Now you see how much He loves you
With love so tender, timeless and true
© Adeleke Adeite 2019

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