Happy Birthday Queen

Wonderful words are not enough to describe you
a terrific and tenderhearted lady so true…
You are always willing to lend a helping hand
to lift the poor and needy out of sinking sands.

Blessed with beauty, brain and boundless grace
You put sweet smiles on everyone’s face.
Everyday is your day my sister and friend
but today I have some special wishes to send.

May your days be blessed with bliss and brightness
and your years be nurtured with niceness…
May your garden be garnished with greatness
and your gates be decorated with goodness.

Your future will unfold with fragrant freshness
Your heart will be a wellspring of wholeness.
God will continue to be your guard and guide,
He will always be there to help and to provide.

God will give you vibrant voice and great visions
and always support you with divine provision.
You will continue to be a ray of royalty to behold…
Happy birthday Esther, a queen with a heart of gold.
© Adeleke Adeite

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