A Place of Priceless Peace

There is a place of perfect peace
a place of joy and full release
where wars and prejudice shall cease
Where peace and purity increase

There is a place of righteous rest
A river free from life’s tempest
A fruitful field without a pest
A place where ills cannot molest

There is a place of great relief
where Jesus is the King and Chief
A kingdom safe, there’s not a thief
where love and light are never brief

There is a place of comfort sweet
the home where we will Jesus meet
Angels and mortal throng the street
we shall all meet at Jesus’ feet

There is a place beyond the sky
where all that lives can never die
No pain, no strain; we will not cry
All saints shall rejoice by and by

Will I find you there my dear friend?
Let not this world cause you to bend
When mortal glories shall fade and end
will you to this great place ascend?
© Adeleke Adeite 2019