Safe Sex is Beyond Protection

Your rod is not for signs dear single brother
Stop looking for random red seas to divide…
It should be a trophy for your future bride…
Those single sister you should not to bother.

Single sister, the pie between your thighs is priceless
serving it cheaply to mark a romantic moment
may lead to a lifetime of tears and torment
Don’t turn a masterpiece to a market full of mess…

Sister, some rodents seek sweet holes to plunder
Let them not level down your milky mountains
Brother, some pies are pools from filthy fountains
Don’t let them put your heart and soul asunder.

I really believe that sex is divine and sweet
it is capable of making relationships romantic
yet it does not make blissful marriage realistic
Safe sense will reduce stray dogs on the street…

Beyond protection against pregnancy and infection
Safe sex exposes the soul to things that are strange…
Since sex is both a spiritual and emotional exchange…
Free sex may be a weapon of mass distraction.

No sex is really safe outside legal marriage,
honour your body as the temple of God,
Abusing God’s temple attracts His correction
Be a vessel onto honour, not a sexual wreckage.
© Adeleke Adeite 2019

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