Woman You Are Loved

In a world where a woman is seen as a victim
Despite the beauty of her reality and dreams,
What other cruelty can be more than this
When men choose to mess up God’s masterpiece…

Woman, you are versatile, valiant and virtuous,
God made you priceless, pretty and precious
Don’t let anyone make you feel anything less,
So raise your voice in victory to confess.

I am loosed from the shackles and chains
that has kept me under pointless pressure and pains…
I am free from slavery and societal suppression,
Free from the dungeon of diseases and depression
Free from discrimination and negative impressions
Free from curses, confusion and evil confessions.

You need to keep reminding yourself of this,
You are a priceless work of art no one should miss…
Don’t mess up your mind to measure up,
Don’t lose your life and light just to level up…
You are not created to fit in, so stand out.

Life can be complex, you don’t have to figure it all out at once.
I wish I could show you the bright star that you are
but you first need to stop glaring at your scary scar…
You are a bright light, you don’t have to shout to shine,
You are the water that intoxicates, much more than wine…
In your world, we find sweetness and solace
You are a garden of favor, goodness, and grace
Woman, this is who you and nothing less…
Don’t let the world make you feel worthless

But if you think you have lost this special status
Let me introduce you to a man called Jesus,
He has the power to redeem, restore and renew,
All your shattered pieces He can make brand new

Your sicknesses and sins He took on the cross
so you don’t have to live a life of lies and loss.
You are a queen configured to rule and reign
Stop dwelling in the prison of guilt and pain.

Take this route to restoration and redemption
and you will never be caged by guilt and condemnation
Wake up woman, take your place,
You are a special spice in the human race.

© Adeleke Adeite 2019

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