Beautiful Wonderful Women

Dear women, beautiful wonderful women,
Everyday is actually your day
but today, let me celebrate you in a special way…
Not only for what you are and who you are to me
but for the things that some men have failed to see…

I celebrate your virtues and versatility
not forgetting your inner strength and stability.
I celebrate your matchless sense of duty
and your countless shades of beauty…
You are men’s priceless partners in progress
and a shelter in seasons of storm and stress…

You incubate upcoming giants in your womb
and nurse them till they become full bloom…
I wonder what resides in the brain…
of those who treat you with disdain.
You are not a cheap commodity
Don’t let any man see you as an opportunity…

Celebrate your sensitivity and your feminity,
and don’t settle for the scam called gender equality…
You are bigger, braver and better by far,
if you doubt me, take a look at your scars,

No, not those ones that are visible
but the ones that are almost impossible…
Despite your loses, you don’t act like survivors
You carry your crosses like cool conquerors,
The crowns in your hearts are not symbols of royalty
they are your identity as beautiful brands of humanity.
I love you all…

© Adeleke Adeite 2019

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