Love is Too Strong To Be Wrong

Love, why do you keep treating me so badly?
You steal my heart and make me act madly.
I feel you in every music playing in my head,
You echo in every wise words I have never said.
Will you keep quiet and let me reason
or you will keep me stuck in this prison?

Love please listen, my silence is loud and clear,
stop giving me bad friends and good foes to fear,
If you are really very strong, please set me free,
and if you think I’m wrong, please let me be.
I want to live and learn to never love again,
My heart is sick and tired of this pleasurable pain.
This is the last time my heart will ever get broken,
I wonder if you heard the words I have spoken…

Do I have to put this single track on repeat
or you will accept this impossible defeat?
I know you are too strong to be wrong
and your throne is where my spirit and soul belong.
Since you are too powerful to be unseated,
I declare my doubts and fears defeated.
Come and capture this special space,
make my memories a pleasant place.

ยฉ Adeleke Adeite 2019

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