Happy Birthday Your Royal Sweetness (Lynda Omerepke)

Many years ago, on a good day like this,
God decided to create a masterpiece
So He took the freshness of fountains
And the super strength of mountains
To create Her Royal Highness.

God took the sparkling rays of sunlight,
The magical glow of moonlight,
The refreshing grace of rainfall
And the cool scenery of waterfall,
To create Her Royal Cuteness.

God took he priceless wisdom of sages,
The uniqueness of divers languages,
The super clarity of eagle’s sight,
And the brightness of daylight,
To create Her Royal Smartness.

God took the gladsome mind of a dove
The limitless nature of love,
The delicious taste of honey,
And the acceptability of money,
To create Her Royal Sweetness.

God took the luxury of wealth,
The soothing relief of sound health,
The generous nature of mother earth
and the indispensability of breath
to create Her Royal Kindness…

Our dear Lynn is a pearl so precious,
A lady so versatile and virtuous
A gem so gentle and generous
A girl so gifted and glorious…
Age gracefully Your Royal Greatness.

Happy birthday to a lifesaver, mentor, sister and friend.
I celebrate you today Lynda Omerepke.

-Adeleke Adeite

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