My 14th Letter To My First Love (Valentine’s Journey)

If wishes were horses, I’d love to take a longer ride with you.
But life handed us a contract of nine months.
I wonder what it was we shared at that time.
I really wonder what pleasant stories you must have told.

What pain you must have felt
I still hear a faint hum of your lullaby.
They comfort me each time in bed.
If only we had our way;
You could sit and smile, laugh as you watch my first walk and falls.

Held me tight when I got down with fever.
Nursed me when I bashed a lever.
Walked me up to school and blow me kisses
Give me a bath, wiping all the greases.
Maybe you would have taught me about love,
Then I don’t feel too naïve when around a boy.

My words are flowing with streams of tears.
My fourteenth letter is a pudding of love,
Sprinkled with lamentations.
If only I could get the chance,
I’d ride with you till I’m confident to let go
However is it now, I’ll carry you in my heart
I’ll shelter the short memories in my soul.

I love you in every way.
Now, I kiss my first love goodbye
I’ll do this every time.
I promise not to forget what your wishes might be too;
To see me grow into a fine woman like you.
Don’t you worry; we could glide through life’s rollercoaster.
I’ll keep you, right here, always here in my heart… Mother…

© Tabitha_cross 2019

Taiwo Dorcas Opeoluwa (Tabitha_cross) is a prolific writer and poet born on the 28th of July, 1998 to a family of seven in Lagos, Nigeria.
She is currently studying Medical Laboratory science (BMls) at Achievers university, Owo, Ondo state, Southwest Nigeria.
She is a passionate, devoted and dedicated lady who hopes to touch the world with my talent.

She is the first place winner of the Valentine’s Journey contest organized by
You can reach her via

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