O sleeping souls arise, regain consciousness.
You are not too wrong to run, be relentless,
Stop suffering and smiling with seriousness
The Savior came to save us from this stress…

When you feel your world is worthless
And your persistent pursuit looks pointless;
When your strongest pillar gets powerless…
Run to the Helper of the helpless

When you feel haunted and hopeless,
When hurts and hatred make you feel homeless,
When lack and loss make you lifeless…
Run to the Defender of the defenseless.

When close friends leave you comfortless
and you feel confused and cheerless.
When life soaks you in stress and sickness…
Run to the Healing stream for wholeness.

When hard work leaves you penniless,
And your wellspring becomes waterless,
When your passion and pursuit seem profitless…
Run with wisdom and uphold uprightness.

When sorrow leaves you speechless,
and bitter battles make you breathless
When past mistakes make you mindless…
Run to the throne of grace guiltless.

Satan strives to make us spiritless,
He pursues to leave us passionless,
He roams to rid us of righteousness…
Run to the Mercy seat with boldness.

God’s mercies are matchless,
His steadfast love is limitless,
His power to save is priceless,
Run to Him with all soberness.

© Adeleke Adeite 2019

Kindly share with friends who needs to run 👍

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