Mannerless Promise of Sex

Every man needs manners to be
valuable and not just available.
But a mannerless man loves to be
a bed-sinner and not a breadwinner.

His rod has parted many red seas,
with his poor palms he burnishes
many milky mountains and vain valleys.
Yet his brain is buried in Egypt.

He is single and senseless,
To him, every lady is an opportunity;
A chance to set emotion in motion,
A cheap channel to direct his erection.

His brand of humanity lacks morality,
bereft of sincerity, integrity and fidelity.
Talk of Trinity, what comes to his mind
is nothing but women, weed and wine.

He’s got skills and strategies
To cage every aimless and brainless bird.
He has terrific tools and technique
To plunder pies between loosed thighs.

His charisma takes him to pleasant places,
places where his character cannot keep him.
Don’t leave your heart open,
He is both a tourist and a terrorist.

Always in search of preys,
He has no plan to stay.
His plan is to lurk and leave.
Flock around him at your own peril.

Flee from him,or he will make you
cheaper than he met you
And leave your world worthless.
He is married and mannerless.

Lady, don’t make yourself his project,
He may pamper but won’t protect…
He may relish but won’t respect…
His goal is to get closer and connect…

He says he is crazy about you
but cannot put a ring on it.
If he can’t give you a promise of sex,
Be glad to make him an unlucky ex.

© Adeleke Adeite 2019

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