Maximize The Moment To Make Sweet Memories

In life’s journey this year, I got to a junction
where I felt that suicide was not an option.
Deep within me I knew that I was already dead
So, I looked forward to the glory ahead.
What people said about me became a pleasant prison,
the thoughts in my head were more like palatable poison.
For me to die, I couldn’t find a better reason,
this season taught me a sweet but bitter lesson…
Life will happen when it’s least expected,
Sometimes, we’ll be nice but ignored and neglected.
Sometimes we’ll do everything to be praised and celebrated
only for our pride and prestige to be crushed and castrated.
Life happens, no doubt.
Door opens, just get out!
I’m not talking about security doors around you
but the doors of insecurity within you…
The prison doors we lock ourselves in,
thinking that we are blocking pains and pressure
only to find out that we are prisoners
of things that were, are not and would never be.
It’s time to force those doors open and be free.
It’s time to break those walls for the world to see
that we cannot be chained by the pains of the past,
we cannot be framed by the fear of failure…
We will maximize the moment to make great memories
and pick up our pens to write sweet stories…

©2018 Adeleke Adeite

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