Whirlwind of Woes

O whirlwind, you steal our dearest dreams
and plunge them into surging streams…
I wonder why you give sweet-scary screams
when you are a thief with blurred beams.

O whirlwind, I hear your echoes or errors…
raging and ravaging, caressing threshing floors…
your wings of woes ring a bell on all doors.
I thought you would spare my rich neighbours.

O whirlwind, bring back the dazzling dawn…
give us at twilight the strength to yawn.
Restore the racy radiance of our luxury lawn..
You need not bury this broken brawn.

O whirlwind, why hide your wing of woes
and keep serene cities on their toes?
You turn the soil, skies and seas to our foes
whenever you wed the boisterous billows.

O whirlwind, we will not be tamed by your tide
we will preen in the pomp of passion and never hide…
we will stir up the stream of strength from inside
and fulfill our days with pleasure and pride…

Adeleke Adeite

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