If Racists Had Known Better

Of all the things that are vital
to each and every mere mortal,
the most precious thing is breath;
It’s the wall between life and death.
A universal and unifying energy
that gives mortal bodies synergy.
More than a mixture of elements,
it contains nature’s supplements.
Breath respects no race or religion;
it spans across all realms and regions.
Racists would have been more logical
if breath and skin colour are identical.
Breath is what make the difference,
race is irrelevant to our existence…
One scary thing I know about racists
is that they are worse than terrorists.
They get bitter in order to feel better,
Their cold souls need divine sweater.
As long as breath has no colour,
racism will be a sign of dishonour.
Life would not have been this bitter
if some racists had known better.

-Adeleke Adeite

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