The Journey To a Juicy Life

I love cooking a lot, good food always change my mood. In fact, delicious meals melt my heart. I follow some chefs online and have come to appreciate the fact that all nutritious and sumptuous meals have some unpalatable ingredients. For instance, Onions hurt our eyes temporarily but they are also medicinal- what an irony!

Proper application of different ingredients makes a delicious meal, so is our life. The distance between our dreams and our destination is our determination to keep sailing even when storm strikes. The journey to a juicy life is not a jolly ride.

In fact, the difference between here and there is “T”. For some people T means time – they need to be patient; for some, T means trials, they need to persevere while for others, it may mean temptations which will require them to be prayerful and proactive.
When the road gets rough and times get very tough, excuses are never enough.

No one has ever arrived at a bright future with bags full of past pains, garbage of guilt and baggage of bitterness. Excuses and excellence are like night and day, they don’t meet.

Growth comes with pain but turning pains to gain takes time, trust and tenacity.

There is a time to sow and a time to reap, in between is the time to keep watering, weeding and also wait for the seeds to grow.

Life is a race that requires grace. We were born alone and will die alone but we can’t live alone. We need people and positive emotions to sail through stormy tides.
Take one day at a time, join a trying team, don’t sleep on your dreams, be hopeful and prayerful.

When you get to a dead end or boisterous bend, when situations are hard to comprehend and no one is there to lend a helping hand, when it seems all is over, that’s when God takes over, hand everything over to to Him.

To hand over everything to God, first acknowledge that He is aware of the situation you are in, look back at all the previous victories you have enjoyed and thank Him, then prayerfully surrender your worries, battles and situations to Him.

Finally, seek godly counsel and take actions without delay. Get up, gear up, grow up and never give up.
God bless you my dear friends.
Endure tough times and enjoy your journey till it gets juicy.
-Adeleke Adeite

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