Too Strong To Be Wrong

Some get high only on women, weed and wine,
we get high on Your word, will and wisdom.
Only fun, fashion and fame make some folks fine
but we flourish in the field of faith and freedom.

We left the pool of worldly pleasures behind
because Your love is too strong to be wrong.
To Satan’s sumptuous baits we became blind
Because Your table is where our souls belong.

When we shut You out, You broke in patiently,
You paved paths and built bridges to rescue us.
When we let You down, You called us lovingly
Your arms stretched out made us forever free.

Your mercies and great grace supplied in excess
Give us assurance of constant divine protection.
We bask in the glory of your love’s recklessness
Since You live in the power of Your resurrection

Your reckless love is a precious work of art,
It spurs our soul to endless peace and joy.
Your excess love fills every thirsty heart
With pure bliss that sin cannot destroy.

-Adeleke Adeite

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