Your Relationship and Your Reality

Every relationship has the capacity to either raise us up or run us down. The fact that every one of us is born into a family is a sign that we need relationships for supp, survival and success.

Some great men and women became successful in life not because they are in the right place or because they have the right skills but because they stayed connected to the right people. However, some folks failed because they are stayed in the right place with the wrong people.

I have read stories of people who lost the battles of life despite the fact that they have the right weapons and strategies not because they fought the wrong battle but because they kept on fighting the wrong enemy and fraternized the wrong friends.
Sometimes, when God wants to propel us to our place of purpose, prosperity and promotion, He will give us enemies that will pursue us out of comfort zone. And sometimes, when the devil wants to trouble us, he will send us friends who will keep us in our comfort zones and farther away from our place of purpose.

Not every ‘enemy’ comes to steal, kill and destroy, some are sent by God to pursue, promote and prosper you. Likewise, not all ‘friends’ are partners in progress, some are agents of adversity sent to deceive, distract and destroy.
It is important to know who you are travelling with and where you are going with them. Don’t let your relationship ruin your radiant future.

Do not let your friendship bring you fatal fall. Your partnership has a key role to play in your purpose in life.
“He who walks with wise men will be wise , But the companion of fools will suffer harm.” Proverbs 13:20

If you do not know your destination in life, everyone qualifies to be your driver.
Your driver will most likely determine your destination.
Discover and determine to fulfill your purpose by partnering with God to direct you to the right relationship and then you will not be deceived or distracted by agents of destruction.
Let God take the lead in your friendship and relationship. Pray, read God’s word and stay connected to the Spirit of God to get clear instructions and directions.
Stay blessed my friends.
– Adeleke Adeite

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