The Business of Kindness

A young boy once looked at me and said “Sir, you sacrifice a lot for people who do not appreciate you. I can’t do what you are doing” I was dazed by that statement because I never expected a young boy like him to have made such a strong observation.

However, I was quick to tell him the principles on which I build my life which keeps me going irrespective of what is going on or what I’m going through. The principles are as follows
1) Accept the apologies not rendered by people who will never feel sorry or remorseful for the wrong they do.
2) Accept the appreciation not offered by people who will never be grateful for the good you do.
3) Live for humanity with eternity in view, nothing on earth is enough to compensate you for the pains you will go through while trying to help others.

Kindness is not business, yet we deserve some appreciation but not everyone will be sensible or responsible enough to offer appreciation. We are all emotional beings, yet some folks are so insensitive that they feel no sense of guilt or remorse for whatever wrong they do. It is important to know that we will not always get what we deserve from people but instead to dying to demand for our ‘right’, we can decide to give ourselves what we truly deserve- inner peace. We shouldn’t suffer bitterness after we have offered kindness.
A fulfilling life is full of ups and downs, smiles and frowns, crosses and crowns… We should learn to accept both sides of the coin with faith, hope and love.
Not everyone that hurts you will apologize, learn to forgive and forge ahead. Not everyone you help will appreciate your effort, learn to give yourself some accolades.

– Adeleke Adeite

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