Wailing Worms in Seasonal Storms

Like birds flying in pathless air,
life can be unclear and unfair…
We often thread tough terrains
which throw us into pit of pains,
and we sometimes face storms
that make us feel like worms…
We need not use temporary tide
as an excuse to attempt suicide,
If we want to continue sailing,
we surely have to quit wailing…
Men who crave colourful crowns
often face fierce ups and downs…
Sometimes they have to quit,
not because they are not fit…
They quit allowing life’s tempest
to crash their quest for the best.
They quit allowing peer pressure
to tame their timeless treasures.
They quit allowing seasonal setbacks
to get them off their timely tracks.
They jump out of dens of depression
to proudly possess their possessions…
It’s time to get up my friend,
this bad bend is not your end.

Copyright 2018 Adeleke Adeite

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