I Quit

I know, this will make some people feel sad
while some will undoubtedly feel glad.
Deep within me, I feel weak and unfit,
I think it’s time for me to finally quit…
I quit allowing someone’s honest opinion
to stop me from being my own champion.
I quit being a prisoner of my painful past
and submerging myself in stormy blasts.
I quit allowing some morally bankrupt
men to make me clueless and corrupt.
I quit allowing my bent and broken bones
to stop me from reaching my golden throne.
I quit allowing past trials and torment
to prevent me from relishing each moment…
I quit turning my heart to a trash bin
for stinking thoughts, sadness and sin.
I quit wallowing in those toxic attitudes
that have kept me from scaling altitudes….
I quit bringing back bitter memories
to erode the beauty of my sweet stories.
I quit flocking with ignorant sages
who make me work for sinful wages.
I quit this crazy craving for cool cash
that turns my inner treasures to trash…

I quit living by norms and standards
that make me crash on credit cards.
I quit feeling sad, sorrowful and sorry
when I should wine and never worry…
I quit using my talent to build mansions
for folks who detest my voice and visions.
I quit swimming is the same stream
with those who are not in my team.
I quit allowing online likes and comment
to define how I maximize each moment.
I am tired of getting tired and fired
before getting a shot at being hired.
I know this looks like a couple of quotes
but accept it as my simple suicide note.
My old, fearful and feeble self just died,
I am a new being, ready to tame the tide.

Copyright 2018 Adeleke Adeite

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