Excitement Versus Commitment

We often get highly excited when we start a relationship, a career or a business. However, to survive and succeed in any endeavour in life, we need to move from being excited to being committed.

Excitement is like a fire, commitment is the fuel that keeps it burning. The journey to greatness is like a puzzle game, it sometimes start on a easy level but as a player progresses, the game gets more complicated.

When things get complicated, excitement will fizzle out. in fact, a compassionate man without commitment will commit common crime. It might take excitement to start a good thing but it takes commitment to make it great.

It is commitment that makes it possible to confront complicated situations without complaining.
A lot of champions lose focus when they keep getting loud ovation.
Commitment prevents us from getting cocooned in our comfort zone especially when we keep getting great compliments on our current accomplishments.
A lot of times, we face adversity in our bid to advance in our journey, and life gives us juicy opportunities to feel safe at a lower level.
Not every good opportunity is the right opportunity. Not every good door is the right door. Sometimes, adversity is the best opportunity for advancement.

Have you wondered why seeds have to be buried for them to grow, flourish and bring forth many fruits? Buried under the ground, seeds break the ground and burst forth into a bloom.

It takes commitment for a gardener to keep watering the ground when the seeds are yet to sprout.
I think that the greatest enemy of commitment is confusing.
Confusion is arguably the greatest disease of this generation. Most young folks do not know where they are coming from, their present location or their final destination.

A lot of young folks keep increasing their acceleration in the wrong direction, but the saddest part of this dangerous drive is the fact that they have musicians and movie stars who give them motivation to keep them in the wrong direction.

Life is a journey, there is a time to cleave and a time to leave, I between is the opportunity to cruise. Cruise with compassion and commitment. We will all leave this world but what will count are the lives we have touched and cared for.

Make sure every breath you take and every move you make are geared towards making positive difference. Thank you,
-Adeleke Adeite

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