Building and Breaking With Love

All human beings are configured to be in a relationship whether interpersonal or intra personal. Life cannot be lived in isolation. Some relationships are for business, some for pleasure while some are naturally established for social purposes.

We all must be in a relationship whether we like it or not. However, all relationships require a certain level of knowledge, understanding and maturity.
A broken relationship is not a broken life, if a crack in a wall makes the wall to crumble, build a new wall either with the broken bricks or new bricks. It is pointless to live the rest of one’s life helpless, hopeless and defenseless.
The bitter end of a chapter is not the end of a sweet story.

Learn to love, leave if you must and live on. Life is in phases, the end of a phase is the beginning of another.
The last time I broke up a relationship, this was exactly what I did. I invited my partner for a date and made her see the grave she was digging for me and herself with the shovel of crass dishonesty and disloyalty.
She was wrong and she shamefacedly admitted it, I could not live with such a person not because she was imperfect but because she was not willing to pay the price to let go her flaws. She wanted to have her cake and eat it.

I made up my mind not to end it all in a pit of regrets but in a pool of sober reflection.
I left her with a lesson on love and loyalty. I was glad she understood the lesson in just few minutes.
No relationship is all rosy, sometimes, even the most beautiful butterflies get burnt. However, there is always a time for recovery and retreat. It is important to know that after all the fight and fury, we will someday fade away and be forgotten. We are nothing but dust. All the hate and hurt will only add to the heat in hell.
No one is perfect. Build your relationship on love and if you must break it, break it with love. It is completely baseless to start with love and end with loss of peace and happiness.
Even if you can’t save your relationship, save a life at least, don’t push yourself or your partner into the pool of pain, pity and pressure.

Stop allowing those who ruined your past to run your present and rule your future. Leave the pit of past pains, live to harness today’s rain and look forward to future gains.
-Adeleke Adeite

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