The Silent Tears of Superstars

Smiling when you hit rock bottom is not a sign of strength, it’s a sign of knowledge. We sometimes get to a point in our lives where we fight our toughest battles alone, hide our terrifying tears behind a glowing face and help other people get better even when things are at the worst within us, not because we feel strong enough to hold back our tears, help others and hope for the best but because we understand the mystery of life’s journey.

Seeds have to die before they burst forth, blossom and bloom
The sun silently burns itself to shine and light up the earth so much that even the moon taps from the sun to glow.

Not everyone needs to hear your story when you are going through the toughest terrain and bitterest season of your life.

The world would eventually hear the story when it becomes a testimony of survival and success. Hold on and stay strong.

Pains last for a moment and then metamorphose into gains when we refuse to give up on our dreams.
The problem with most people is that they leave their beautiful dreams in their beds and carry their nightmares on their heads everywhere they go.

Light brings clarity and sense of direction while darkness brings confusion and misdirection.
Stop planting your seed of success in the garden of gloom and stop decorating your dreams with dross and doom.

We all have a choice to either live right or die wrong. Not all dead mean are in the grave, some are working hard to fulfill the wrong purpose or worse still fulfilling other people’s purpose at the expense of theirs.

Wake up and work it out. Everything we need to survive, succeed and be significant is right inside us. Hence the greatest discovery of everyone on this planet is self discovery. Until we discover our passion, purpose and potentials, we may not fully express and harness

God’s incredible investment in our lives.
We owe ourselves and the world the best of us.
Don’t let your dreams be dormant or dying while you are awake and active.

The best activity we should carry out when our dreams are dormant is to wake up the dormant dreams.
Pain is part of the party, never use it as an excuse for failure.

If you cannot use your hand, use your head, if you cannot use your head, use your heart, we all have what it takes to make the world a better place. Launch out, learn and live your dreams.
Your friend in the school of success,

-Adeleke Adeite

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