It is Hard and Easy

It is hard to forget three people:

Those who led us into trouble,

those who left us in times of trouble

and those who lifted us out of trouble.
It is easy to forget three people:

Those who took more and gave less,

those who talked more and did less

and those who lied more and loved less…
It is hard to forgive three people:

Constant and unremorseful offenders,

grievous and perfect pretenders,

bitter and backstabbing defenders…
It is easy to forgive three people:

Penitent offenders with sweet souls,

pretenders who have positive goals,

and friendly foes who correct their fouls.
It is hard to find three people:

Men who are helpful and honourable,

women who are decent and delectable

and youths who are honest and humble.
It is easy to find three people:

Politicians who are dubious and dishonest,

yung folks who are impatient and immodest

and religious folks who fuel civil unrest.
It is hard to leave three people:

Those who treats us like champions,

those who lovingly give honest opinions

and those who are caring companions.
It is hard to love three people:

Those who constantly brew bitterness,
those who don’t support other people’s success

and those who sow seeds of sadness…

-Adeleke Adeite

NB: This piece comprises both sarcasm and salient facts. Readers’ discretion is advised.

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