When Men Say it is Over

Does God still answer prayers? Is God still up there? Does God really care about my problems? Why me? What have I done wrong?
Tough times make some of us doubt the existence and presence of God in our lives.
Depression is rampant in recent times because the devil has devised a strategy to make men think that their troubles are too terrible for God to tackle.
Our life is like a complete book, it already has an end, some chapters may seem scary and sorrowful, that does not change the content of the next chapter. A lot of folks keep on reading the scary chapter, forgetting that there is a next chapter which might be sweet and satisfying. Life is in phases, storms don’t last for long.
Even if we think that God is not answering our prayers, what about the things we did not pray for that He gives us on daily basis. Having a positive attitude towards challenges helps us to make the right choice and also experience positive change.
This is one thing that keeps me going during dark hours, I belief that every tough trial, trouble and tribulation that I face is preparing me for a triumphant life. Conquerors are products of contests, champions are products of competitions, gains are products of pains. Life is beautiful. We need to ask the sun what it takes to shine, we need to ask radiant roses what it takes to bloom, some beautiful things go through ugly experiences.
Life is never going to be fair but God will forever be faithful. Stay strong and steadfast in faith.
God bless you dear friends.
-Adeleke Adeite

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