Past Obstacles and Present Opportunities

Old friends becomes new enemies,
past obstacles turn new opportunities.
in all these, I embrace life, light and love,
my heart clings to hills of help up above…

Through the lies and losses of life,
in the steams of storms and strife…
Sometimes in fear, I fumble and fall;
in God’s arms I stand strong and tall.

I have been through the valley of death;
and on mighty mountains I lost my breath…
In pains and pleasure, God has been faithful;
and in the heart of my heart, I am grateful.

In years past I have met and missed friends;
some gave it all while some had nothing to lend.
but to those who made my skies bright and blue ,
Thank you for being timely and true.

I am not where I used to or wished to be
to some folks I may be like a starved tree…
before men, I may not be on motion…
but God is expanding my roots to reach nations.

O I have seen the darkest of nights
when silent stars hugged a mute moonlight
I have common flaws and fears
At times, I shed midnight tears…

My heart bleeds for the helpless
My soul screams, I feel cheerless…
The Calendar counts as time ticks
When will these silent stars speak?

-Adeleke Adeite

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