If I Must Love Again

I am in love again but this seems so special…
my heart was once locked, I stopped being social.
I do not know what opened my heart again
but I hope this would not end in the usual pain.

My desire to love was frustrated by fear…
my heart was broken by pains that I could not bear.
I wish I could hold back this new emotion
but they are like the waves on the ocean.

I was made to believe that love was never real
but this seems to me like a real deal…
I was loved by ladies I do not want to talk about…
that I loved them back was a fact I still doubt.

This new fire of desire is not just ordinary…
it is a love for someone that is extraordinary…
I am not in love with a lady, if that’s what you think.
I am in love with me, please let’s have a drink.

I once hated myself for my past errors,
I was also haunted by some terrible terrors.
All those pains and regrets did not go in vain;
I must start with myself if I must love again.

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