Change Begins When Chain Beckons

When money becomes a man’s greatest motivation,
timely treasures metamorphose into timeless temptation…
his desire to be richer than others will be the foundation
upon which he will build the castles of corruption.

When reckless rodents become the rulers of a great nation,
they preen in the pomp of power, prejudice and perdition…
And in their boisterous bid to win the next general elections;
they mortgage the future fortune of unborn generations.

A nation without a definite destination needs no direction…
to such, every side attraction becomes a source of distraction.
Since manners and morals were murdered by modernization…
Common crimes have become the core creed of our civilization.

“Change begins with me” is our new national salutation,
let every man carry out a mental environmental sanitation.
Politicians should embark on a socioeconomic disinfection…
Budgeting billions to milk millions should go into extinction.

Investors should put service before profit maximization,
Consumers should put need before undue satisfaction.
Family and societal values should be given optimum attention…
We do not need to re-brand a product still under construction.

If political offices continue to be a juicy platter and position
for the few to get economic and financial domination…
We should put the change-chains in the right direction,
Change begins when chain beckons on terrifying traditions.

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